The main objective of inacting Market act in this territory was to protect the interest of the producer seller by way of better prices and providing scientific marketing facilities to the produce sold by him and to make him free from exploitation by way of various malpractices that prevailed by implementing the various measures provided in the act. The Marketing Board to a large extent has succeeded in eradicating the malpractices and ensuring the better price. The monetary and other benefits derived from these regulated markets by the farmers are enumerated as under:

  1. To regularize the trade practices, the licenses are issued to the traders, commission agents and other functionaries operating in the Marker Yard.
  2. Correct weighment at the yard is provided free of cost by the Marketing Board.
  3. Prompt payment of the value immediately after weighment to the producer is ensured.
  4. Malpractices with regard to weighment and prices offered by the traders are checked.
  5. Free competition among the traders is encouraged so that the producer. Seller can avail the benefit of maximum price to his produce.
  6. To derive maximum price benefit, sale by tender system is provided.
  7. Daily prevailing Market rates are displayed on the notice board fixed at the yards. The prices are also furnished in the form of bulletin daily to All India Radio, Panaji for broadcast and weekly review thereof is taken. The price/arrival data is also sent to AGMARK from six major markets from Goa.
  8. Betelnut grading facility is made available at yards by installing a grading machine two each at Ponda and Sanquelim yard. Coconut grading centre is provided to the growers of coconut at Margao yard.
  9. Fumigation chamber is constructed at Ponda and Sanquelim yard and is available to the producer of Betelnut for treatment of Betelnut.
  10. Amenities and facilities like provision for godowns free of rent, farmers’ rest house, Canteen, Specious auction Platform, drinking water etc. Provided in the yard.
  11. Disputes regarding weighment, quality reduction in price etc. are settled on the spot by the staff of the marketing Board.
  12. Marketing Board has representative of 10 members on the board from Agriculturist community. As such farmers have voice in the management of Marketing Board.